Visual Servoing for Micro Manipulation,

International Conference on Pattern Recognition Aug. 1996.

    B. Parvin
    D. E. Callahan
    W. Johnston
    M. Maestre


A framework for automated micromanipulation of microscopic objects using visual information is developed and applied to diverse problems in biology and material science. These applications includemicrodissection of stretched and immobilized DNA molecules using an optical microscope and dynamic studies of crystal structure formation observed with a high power transmission electron microscope. Manipulation in this context refers not only to mechanical positioning or dissection of a specimen, but also to the variation of environmental parameters that elicit a response in the specimen. The common thread between these applications is a collection of computational techniques for image compression, autofocusing, object detection, tracking, and servo loop control. A second feature of our system is a distributed software architecture that allows the proposed dynamic experiments to be conducted remotely over the wide area network. In this context, the visual information processing is used to compensate for dynamic changes and the latencies in the wide area network. This system is now available over the global Internet.

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Publication number: LBNL-38809.