Robust and Efficient Surface Reconstruction from Contours

Visual Computers, May 2001.

    G. Cong
    B. Parvin


    In this paper, we propose a new approach for surface recovery from planar sectional  contours. The surface is reconstructed based on the  so-called ``Equal  Importance Criterion'', which suggests  that every point in the region contributes equally to the reconstruction process.  The problem is then formulated in terms of a partial differential equation, and the solution is efficiently calculated from distance transform. To make the algorithm valid for different application purposes, both the isosurface and the primitive representations of the object surface  are derived. The isosurface is constructed by interpolating between sectional distance transformations. The primitive are approximated  by Voronoi Diagram transformation of the surface space. Isosurfaces have the  advantage that  subsequent geometric analysis of the object can be easily carried out while primitives representation is easy to be visualized. The proposed technique allows for surface recovery at any desired resolution, thus, inherent problems due to correspondence, tiling, and branching are avoided.
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    Publication number: LBNL-43265