BioSig Virtual Machine Software Release Download:


bytes 25,094,771,200
sha1sum 077e7bce24c17c8f6f5e0deecb668d68bf17709e

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Radial Voting ImageJ Plugin
The zip file contains source code and required libraries for Linux, Windows and Mac for ImageJ plug-in for :
Iterative voting for for inference of structural saliency and characterization of subcellular events
This zip file contains modifications to extend caArray version 2.2.0GA to support reverse-phase protein lysate array data.
caArray version 2.2.0GA is available via SVN at:
Test data and RPLA-TAB grammar are included.

Prediction of Epigenetic Biomarkers

Code and data for prediction of epigenetic genes based on logistic regression of methylation-expression associations, as described in Loss BMC Bioinformatics, in press. Please refer to the README.txt file for instructions regarding deployment and usage.